Who are we?

    This research group is composed by geologists and physicists from four Spanish universities and three research centers, two national and one international.

    The core group is in the Complutense University of Madrid, and has been investigating for more than 20 years in a series of multidisciplinary research topics can be integrated into two main lines.

    Tectonics and rheology of the crust.

    • Conditioning and control exercised by the inherited structures of the crust on the recent and ongoing tectonic activity.
    • Global tectonics and geodynamics.
    • Structure of the lithosphere and heat flow.
    • Geophysics applied to the study of the structure and rheology of the crust.
    • Numerical modeling of deformation and stress state of the lithosphere.
    • Study of fault gouge and mechanics of ductile and brittle deformation.

    Geology of Earthquakes.

    • Neotectonic and morphotectonic analysis.
    • Paleoseismic trenching studies.
    • Relations tectonics – seismicity and seismic series analysis.
    • Geotechnics of seismic induced landslides.
    • Radar interferometry applied to deformations due to seismic and/or volcanic activity.
    • Static stress transfer and its influence on the seismicity and tectonic development.